Hillcrest Six at Moon Valley

The North Phoenix community of Hillcrest Six at Moon Valley offers Moon Valley home buyers the same well built, affordable homes that they would find in Hillcrest and Hillcrest Seven, with past sale prices topping at $345,000 (during the Phoenix real estate boom) and more recent sale prices averaging between $140,000 and $150,000. The architectural style of a home in Hillcrest Six is single story Arizona ranch. Like Hillcrest and Hillcrest Seven, the homes in this community are also constructed of either block construction, or block and wood framed construction (with block being the major exterior structural component).

For Hillcrest Six homes sold over the past six months, the average time a conventional listing for a home in this Moon Valley subdivision takes to sell is 40 days. This should give a potential home buyer of this area a better idea of how popular property in this community.

Hillcrest Six at Moon Valley has North Phoenix homes for sale that lie in the heart of Moon Valley, just adjacent to the Moon Valley Country Club.

Hillcrest Six at Moon Valley is located in the heart of Moon Valley, on the west side of 7th Street, and is the rectangular block of homes directly south of HillCrest Seven and directly east of the lower portion of Hillcrest. Near the Moon Valley Country Club golf course, Hillcrest Six property offers homes that are smaller than those in Hillcrest and vary in size from 1,340 square feet up to 2,540 square feet. Like Hillcrest and Hillcrest Seven, Hillcrest Six takes home owners a couple more minutes to get to the grocery stores and casual dining establishments in the area, but even with the additional drive, Hillcrest Six is still only a short drive away from Moon Valley Park and Lookout Mountain Elementary school which is only one of a small handful of Arizona public schools to receive an Arizona distinguished public schools award.

If you are you are a home buyer contemplating a move to North Phoenix Arizona, and you are looking for North Phoenix homes for sale with average list prices at or below $200,000, you may want to consider including Hillcrest Six at Moon Valley as a potential option during your property search.

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